Monday, October 19, 2015

In the Plum and Pilot Island newsletter it was noted that a 4th order Fresnel lens was removed from the rear range light and it was replaced by a more efficient and high intensity LED light. After restoration, the former lens will be placed on display at the Door County Maritime Museum in Gills Rock. Many conditions were required and had to be met by the museum in order to have this on display.

A shipwreck off of Plum Island will be marked as part of the Wisconsin Maritime Trails highway. The Grape Shot had not been previously “officially” identified. The Wisconsin Historical Society secured a grant to map and study the wreck. An underwater archaeologist spent 10 days studying it., measuring it, and sketching it. The search for the Grape Shot resulted from a Plum Island Station Reunion in 2012 where former Coast Guardsmen recalled the great fishing that was off a shipwreck. Mary Beth Volmer began researching and discovered the name of the ship and that it was a schooner. (For more information, go to