Monday, February 23, 2015

Edited Island school basketball update from Jim Rose: Last Thursday the girl’s team watched the UW-GB women's team beat Valparaiso 87-45 in Green Bay.  The next day at Michigan Tech University, they toured Great Lakes Research Center, forestry department, including an under-ground forestry research tunnel, at root level called the Rhizotron. That evening the girls played the Copper Country Christian School but lost 22-27. Two of the starters, Katy Jordan, and Hailey Jorgenson could not play due to injury, leaving our team with six players competing against a team of 14. Elena Waldron scored 10 points for us, including two three pointers.  Tiffany Wacaser scored six, in a sort of a 1-2-3 run, a free throw for one point, a basket for two, and a three pointer.  Molly McGrane grabbed a bunch of rebounds and scored two points, and Lydia Schultz scored four. Later that night, the boys played the CCCS home team also, but won 51-43. Ben Johnson scored 21 points. Bradley Jordan started off with a three pointer, and ended up with 15 points. Alex Johnson had six points, Oscar Montoya had two, and Josh Ervin had seven. We had nine players against twelve. That night, the host team provided a pot luck supper for us, and put us up and provided breakfast at one of their churches. The next morning, the girls played the DC Knights, a home school team from Delta County, MI.  They won 29-24.  In this game, they were six against nine opponents. Elena Waldron 11 points, Karoline Jordan 2, Lydia Schultz 4, Molly McGrane 6, Tiffany Wacaser 2, Korrina Ervin 4.    In the next game boys played the DC Knight boy's team and ended 33 points to their 34. Ben Johnson scored 15, Bradley Jordan 6, Alex Johnson 8, Josh Ervin 2, and Christopher Cornell 2.  Thursday night's game against the Wolf River Lutheran School Islanders lost 28-46. In the last game the boys played the CCCS, again, and ended with a 46-42 win. Ben scored 21, Bradley Jordan scored one, Alex Johnson scored six, Josh Ervin, seven, Oscar Montoya scored three, and Shammond Ervin scored three.  Jonathan Bass scored five. "Kerry" Zongpeng Li, a foreign exchange student who lives at Liz and Tom Pratt’s, has joined the team and made his first trip. Thanks to the coaches, to Bethel Church for the use of their van, and to Larry Hermanson, who drove the bus.