Bird Fest

Posted: 3/31/2015

The 9th annual Door Islands Bird Festival will be May 29-31. You will be led to specail bird habitats, helped with bird identification by sight and by sound plus given additional information. They have a web site for complete schedules for each day.


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April events

Posted: 3/28/2015

The Rec Center is sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday April 4th  at 10 A.M. for kids age 12 and younger. Bring a basket or bag. 

Also on the 4th is a move at the TPAC. "The Imitation Game" will show at 1 P.M. and again at 3:30 P.M.

There is  a pancake breakfast prior to the Hunt (8 A.M. to 10 A.M.) at the Community Center sponsored by the 7th and 8th grade students. This fundraiser is for the bi-annual trip to Washington D.C.

April 7th is election day so get out and cast your vote at the Rutledge Room in the Community Center. Polls open from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. The local election includes voting for three town board members, two school board members, a school referendum, plus other items related to a Northeast Tech School and judicial positions.

April 9 is the Detroit Harbor Ladies Aid first meeting of the year at the Rutledge Room. Bring a dish to pass and meeting will follow at 12:30 P.M.

April 25th is the Island Party at Karly's, "Country Time". Dinner, square dancing, silent auction, raffle ticket drawing. Sponsored by the Community Center Committee. All profits go to community center projects or community related activities.

April 26th is the Island Players Sunday afternoon event. This is a Family Fun Theatre theme and there will be stage related activities for all ages but focusing on children ages 6-12.



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New Fire Fighters

Posted: 3/11/2015

Washington Island Fire Department now has (3) new Certified Wisconsin Fire Fighters: Kyle Joanau, Craig Litterio, and Jake Farm. They completed their practical testing at the NWTC (Northwest Technical College) Green Bay Fire Training Burn Tower.

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Plum Island Update

Posted: 3/11/2015

“Per USFWS (United States Fish and Wildlife Service), Plum Island will be open to
day-use by the public in 2015 from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.
Kayakers may access the island by landing at the designated area next to the
pier by the boathouse. The dock and breakwall will be closed due to safety
issues and must be repaired before it is opened for public use. Larger boats
may moor offshore and use a dinghy, or the like, to land on the island at the
kayak entry point.”  (Reprinted from report on facebook.)

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Spring in Winter

Posted: 3/7/2015


Jackson Harbor isn't showing any signs of spring, but eople are tapping trees with the optimistic higher temps predicted for this weekend.

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