Sunday, August 7, 2016

The 68th Scandinavian Fest is over but the songs and the sights will live on in the minds of children and adults. You may think it is the same each year but that is not true. There are the time-honored favorites but always something different is added. New this year, previous Fest teachers, piano players, and some of the first dancers in the Fest were honored. It takes many to orchestrate this event.

Also this year, in the program of this year's dancers, Kari noted those that were 3rd and 4th generation dancers. Kari herself is a 3rd generation.

There were 18 preschoolers and over 100 dancers this year. Who but Kari Sena Gordon could get stellar performances from all ages? Neither heat, nor rain, nor humidity can put a damper on the spirits of those participating.

The Scandinavian Dances actually began earlier than 68 years ago, but the dances weren't a regular annual event until 1948.

Entrants generally choose among four flag stickers that indicate they have paid: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish.  This year, in honor of the late Bill Benson, Swedish stickers were encouraged. Another special mention is Jake Ellefson. He has been one of the gate collectors for many many years. His sister, Grace Ann Carpenter, is his assistant.

At the beginning of the Fest a rainbow presented in the eastern sky and later, in the west, the sunset was a blazing gold.