Sunday, October 1, 2017

Over 60 people from around the world gathered on Washington Island for the Juniper Festival in September. After gathering juniper berries and planting more plants at Greengate Farm, they volunteered their time and energy, for the second year, to projects at the W.I. Schools. They were assigned a number of tasks, including cleaning the gymnasium in the town’s recreation center, clearing out an old shed behind the school, cleaning and painting classrooms, scrubbing and weeding around the playground, organizing and painting the library, and even washing and waxing the “new” used bus the district recently obtained. Joining to complete the school projects were local residents and schoolteachers. 

After donating over 120, the Death's Door Spirits president and founder, Brian Ellison, presented a check to Matti Palm-Leis, Superintendent of Washington Island Schools, for items on the school's wish list.  

The Juniper Harvest Festival is an annual celebration of Death’s Door Spirits’ "commitment to Washington Island and community farming. Service industry professionals apply for a competitive spot for a five-day immersive brand experience that includes a distillery tour and gin education, and the opportunity to harvest the maritime juniper berries on Washington Island."