Florida - Island Picnic

Posted: 2/28/2017

The Florida - Island picnic was awesome. 27 people attended. Grace Ann and Barry Carpenter hosted the gathering   at Cape Sable Cabana in Naples. Potluck with amazing food. Cynthia Bowen and Donna and Larry Russell led the games. Thanks to Gloria Small for the report.

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Ice Party enjoys balmy weather

Posted: 2/25/2017

The annual Ice Party was held on Saturday, February 18th  in Detroit Harbor. There was water from melting ice over the surface. (Last year it was below zero with a strong northwesterly blow that brought wind chills down to -20 degrees. The Ice Party was moved to KK Fiske.)  There was food and fun and fireworks after dark. Each year it serves as a fundraiser for some community organization. This year monies were presented to the Sportsman’s Club. 

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Derby renamed and results

Posted: 2/25/2017

The 40th annual Lions Club Fish Derby culminated last weekend. The winners were
announced at Nelsen’s Hall at noon for the largest fish as determined by weight. This year the  Lions Club Fish Derby was renamed the Ray Hansen Memorial Fish Derby in honor of Ray's efforts to establish the Derby and his many years of involvement in the actual event.

This year's final results were: (Thanks to Mary Andersen for info as I was gone for the weekend.)

1st Place:   Alex Johnson 22.54 lbs  ($50)
2nd Place: Ben Johnson  7.85 lbs  ($25)
3rd Place: Jaxin Lindgren  6.79 lbs  ($15)

1st Place: Aaron Cornell  1.08 lbs  ($50)
2nd Place: Jim Phelps  .90 lbs  ($25)
3rd Place: Joey Cornell   .88 lbs  ($15)

1st Place: Frank Lyman 16.24 lbs  ($50)
2nd Place: Dennis Young 11.89 lbs  ($25)
3rd Place: Hannes Johnson  8.05 lbs  ($15)

1st Place: Hunter Bjarnarson  9.17 lbs  ($100)
2nd Place: Bill Jorgenson  5.53 lbs  ($50)
3rd Place: None 

1st Place: Eric DeJardin  .79 lbs  ($25)
2nd Place: None
3rd Place: None

1st Place: None.
2nd Place: None
3rd Place: None

Lions Club Lunch followed at Nelsen’s Hall and included brats, hot dogs, chili,
beans and potato salad. Desserts were sold by school students. BINGO was at 1
P.M. The temperatures were in the 50s with sunshine over the weekend. The ferry
line ran an extra late afternoon trip on Sunday.

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Northport improvements

Posted: 2/25/2017

Check out the W.I. Ferry site for news on the remodel of the Northport Terminal. Although there are porta potties on the dock you may prefer to use a public bathroom before getting in line or use the ferry bathrooms. There will be new bathrooms in the Northport building as well as an enlarged visitor center.

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Sap collecting

Posted: 2/25/2017

Buckets on trees to collect sap dotted many landscapes on the Island. There were cool nights and warm days in February - until yesterday when winter returned with a vengeance. Howling winds, snow, bitter cold pushed the springlike temps away.

Tree Tapping And Puddle

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Shanties in early

Posted: 2/25/2017

February 21st the last of the shanties on Detroit Harbor was pulled off due to melting ice in the recent warming trend of temps in the 50s. By law they would have had til March 15.



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Current count

Posted: 2/11/2017

There were about 20 shanties on Detroit Harbor and reports are that the fishing has been good. Others fish off the west side, in Figenschau Bay and Jackson Harbor. The shanties deadline
to be removed is March 15. There are also shanties off the west side and in Jackson Harbor.

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Island West Luncheon

Posted: 2/11/2017

Valerie Nucera and Don Jensen are hosting the Island West Luncheon on Wednesday March 8, 2017. It will be held at the Anacapa Restaurant located at 22135 Mission Drive in the Community of Corte Bella located in the Sun City West Area. “We have a private room reserved for 18 people and Luncheon will be ordered off the menu. Plan on arrival between 11 and 11:30 for cocktails with lunch to follow”. Call Don Jensen with your reservation by March 4 at 920-737-8507 or email at reachdon@cox.net. “We look forward to seeing everyone.” From Don Jensen.

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Island Florida Picnic 2017

Posted: 2/11/2017

The annual Island-Florida Picnic is always on George Washington’s birthday,
February 22. It is held from 11 A.M. – 3 P.M. There is a potluck lunch, lots of
visiting and sharing of news. The event is organized by Grace Ann and Barry
Carpenter and Larry and Donna Russell.

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Across the Door

Posted: 2/4/2017

Rock Wall And Pilot


Ice Chunks And Crack



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Other Islands Visited

Posted: 2/4/2017

Dick At Talk

Dick Purinton spoke and showed slides about his and his son’s (Thor), trip to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island. The program had been presented earlier at the TPAC on the Island. It was repeated on February 2 at the Door County Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay. Butch and I had missed the presentation on the Island but we were in Sturgeon Bay overnight and were able to attend. The room was filled to capacity.  National Geographic and Lindblad Explorations partner for these excursions.

Some of the highlights from their trip, last October 24 to November 10, were shared along with a slide show of pictures; 

Dick and Thor travelled on the National Geographic 'Orion' ship;

there was an “open bridge” policy so passengers could visit and speak to the captains and others in command of the ship;

the ship anchored several times during the trip and kayaks, canoes, and Zodiaks were used to transport passengers to a variety of land and site locations;

as they went in 2016, it was the 50th year of the Lindblad explorations and the 100th anniversary of  Shackleton’s well known and almost fatal excursion;

the Falklands and South Georgia are United Kingdom territories;

there are huge populations of king penguins on South Georgia;

other significant populations include seals, and  albatrosses;

the wandering albatross has the largest wing span of any bird;

there are no native trees on the Islands;

there used to be a whaling supply station at Stromness on the East Falklands;

Dick showed pictures of the massive debris left behind after the whaling activity ended in the 1960’s;

caribou were introduced at one time but they were eating all the grasses which provided nests and places for wildlife to nest, rest, and hide;

sheep are now raised;

Shackleton made two trips to these Islands eventually dying of a heart attack there;

his wife said to bury him in the land he loved and his grave in South Georgia is a sight viewed by the people on the tours.

Dick encouraged those interested in more information to check out the books related to Shackleton, other explorers, and Antarctic region.  

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Island Players Production (1)

Posted: 2/1/2017

Island Players will present Radio Theater directed by Cindra Hokkanen. It will be at the TPAC February 12th with a matinee at 2 P.M. and an evening show at 7 P.M. Tickets are $15.00 and may be purchased in advance at the Rec Center or at the door.

“Three plays will be presented, radio-style:  Fibber McGee and Molly, “Cleaning the Hall Closet”; The Lone Ranger, “The Telltale Bullet”; and Baby Snooks and Daddy, “The Ugly Duckling.”  Two are comedies and one a drama, although being from the 40’s and 50’s their ‘political incorrectness’ will add to the humor factor. A variety of thirteen readers will be on one half of the stage.  On the other half are the sound effects teams, who will add their special touches to each play---doors opening and closing, birds chirping, horses galloping, etc., so you’ll be able to see how the various sounds are created.  Or, close your eyes and enjoy it in true radio fashion. Hope to see you there!”- Cindra Hokkanen.

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