Monday, May 21, 2018

The Island Party held on May 5th at the Community Center resulted in the following Raffle Drawing Win-ners: Celebrate Party at Karly’s for 16 – Andy Austin;  Big Night Out with 12 $50 certificates for Island restaurants – Ed Wasie; Family Rec Center membership – Nancy Thiele; Ferry Ticket booklet – Leo Derrico; Karfi Tickets and Lunch at Time Out Concessions for 4 – Amy Rose  and Steve Lynch. Red Carpet Awards: For commitment and service to the community: Kathy and Jim Findlay, 40 years at Findlay’s Holiday Inn; Kenny Koyen at the Granary and KK Fiske; Mitt Austin; Valerie Carpenter; Washington Island Ferry Line; Mann’s Store;  Dr. Beth Lux; Ed Wasie; Mack Gunnlaugsson; Nelvie Cauldwell. Costume Awards: Most Villainous – Lou and Gloria Small as Pirates of the Caribbean; Most Dramatic – Caroline Reiter as Audrey Hepburn; Best Couple – Kyle and Dean Ransom as Thursten and Luvvie Howell; Most Comedic – Steve Lynch as John Belushi (Samurai); Best Hair and Makeup – Jeannie Hutchins as Miss Piggy; Most Timeless – Amy Rose as Marilyn Monroe; Most Authentic Couple – Denise and Andy Kellerman as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones; Best Look A Like – Dave Small as Indiana Jones; Most Original – Russell Rolffs as Tom Hanks in Castaway. Thanks to the Community Center Committee members: Jim Sorensen, Marsha Gunnlaugsson, Liz Pratt, Donna Russell, Emily Small, and Howard Scott. Thanks to Heidi Gilbertson, from Island Café and Island Bread Company, for the three course dinner, to those that donated prizes, helped with decorations and others that helped in any way to make this a great time while raising monies to support the Community Center sponsored activities including funds for the kitchen remodel.  (Thank you to Emily Small for the info.)