When you think about an Island, you think of water. The beauty of sunrises and sunsets splashing colors across the sky and lake; moonrises casting a sparkling path over the surface of the water; boating, fun with family and friends while fishing, swimming, water skiing and other water sports; and just relaxing  in a hammock at the shore with the rhythmic sound of waves to clear your mind.

2002 12 31 007 800X599

(1014)SOLD!!! Sandy shore front!

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(1061)21+ acre shore home!

Kieffer Best Photosb

(980)SOLD!!! Timber Peg shore home!

Cascio Exterior Front

(1066)Sold!!! West side shore home!

2002 12 31 012 800X599

(1073)Reduced! Large stone shore front!

2002 12 31 006 800X599

(1076)Sold!! Condo w/ shorefront!

Ohara Toward Lake New

(1114)SOLD!!! 100 feet of shore!

Sonoc Jirtle New

(1117)West side shore home!

2002 12 31 001 800X599

(927)Shore commercial!!